Neurobiology of the Skin

Date: Thursday 29 September 2017, 08.30-10.30
Room: Papageno Hall (ground floor)

Organizers: Anna Zalewska (Lodz, Poland) & Marcus Maurer (Berlin, Germany)


08.30-08.35 Welcome and Introduction
Anna Zalewska (Lodz, Poland)
08.35-08.53 Neurogenic Inflammation in Skin Diseases: Focus on Nervous System and Adaptive Immune Response Interactions
Luis F. Santamaria-Babi (Barcelona, Spain)
08.53-09.11 Neuropathic Pain in Skin
Laurent Misery (Brest, France)
09.11-09.29 Mapping The “Brain-Skin” Axis
Elise Kleyn (Manchester, UK)
09.29-09.47 Psoriasis and Alcohol and Neurotransmitters
Klas Nordlind (Stockholm, Sweden)
09.47-10.05 Role of Adaptive and Innate System in Chronic Itch
Martin Steinhoff (Dubin, Ireland)
10.05-10.23 Chronic Itch – Impact and Insights
Tomasz Hawro (Berlin, Germany)
10.23-10.30 Closing Remarks
Marcus Maurer (Berlin, Germany)